August 9, 2016

Brow report

Hello there, here is a special report on how my new brows look!

Excuse me for posting all these weird selfies... but this is what I looked like post chemo. It's been over 3 years since I finished that shit. Every hair on my body grew back... except for my eyebrows.

So... I drew them on every single day. Even on those no make-up days because otherwise my face reminded me so much of all the harsh treatment. Such a naked face without brows. I tried powder and pencils.. and it did its job for a while. But I hated it so much, I never got the shape quite right. Lefty vs righty that type of stuff. So permanent make-up seemed like a wonderful option!

I found this amazing woman who does cosmetic and medical tattoos. She is especially involved with breast cancer patients and she also tattoos nipples and such. Please MAKE SURE you find the right person out there if you want to do this. There are many quack salvers out there. Ask for many pictures of this person's work, to see whether or not you like their style. Also check if they have helped people with alopecia and cancer before. For me it did not feel right to go to a normal beauty clinic because the thought behind it is very different. There's quite a difference between trying to make a brow prettier or having to tattoo an entire brow, shape, colour etc.

I scheduled my appointment to have my eyebrows tattooed with this special 3D micro blading technique. Apart from the radiation dots I have no other tattoos. So I was a bit nervous! It does not sound very lovely to get a tattoo in your face I think.

We agreed on colour and shape (yes they draw them on your face with a pencil and ruler) and I had to make a sad and happy face...

The anaesthetic was not very pleasant. Like a million little needles punching you above your eyes. But the actual tattoo, well it was not as bad as a I thought it would be. The chair was very comfortable that helps. I think it took her like 30 minutes for each eyebrow. I took this picture right after and it felt a bit crazy with the white lines and all. But check out those hairs!

I took this one about and hour and a half later and the white lines had already disappeared by then.

The days after that they became much darker and it felt a little like I painted them on with a big brush or something. I wasn't allowed to sweat (ha ha), not too much sunshine and they could not get wet for about ten days. Basically it felt like a a huge scratch in my face, but that only lasted for a day or two. 

Then the treated area develops scabs and it is very important to look after them and take care of it with some shiny tattoo goo.. the most important thing is not to rub, pick or peel off your flakes or scabs (it was SOOO hard). Eventually pieces (that look like tiny hairs) will start to fall off. It starts to look a bit like a leopard pattern.

As you can see the tattooed area is changing a lot during the healing period. The entire healing process of my treated area will take something from 4 to 6 weeks. They will change colour (become lighter) and the hairs will become thinner. So my second treatment is scheduled in three weeks. And yes I'm really excited about that!

I'm very happy with the results even though they're not quite finished yet. I already feel like having brows again. I'm pleased with the shape and the colour, the finishing touch will make it even more natural and prettier. Tattoo lady also told me I do have a couple of my own hairs coming through, which make the brow look even more fuzzy and real.

Can't believe I just dedicated an entire post to eyebrows.