Chemo Chronicles

I believe in displacing the pain and putting it in a story or a poem, on canvas... or in a camera. That is why I kept taking photos and created this set inspired by my story with many ups and downs.

The Black Hole Never Lose Your Sparkle All Things Come In Waves Tangled The Fear Flowerheads Give Me Some Light The Real Rabbit Earflap Hat The Darkness Behind Her Eyes Drink Me Robo Girl Syringe Me With A Little Colour The Poison Running Through My Veins Chemo Brain Support Your Natural Defences Breathing Flowers Dancing In The Rain Still A Little Hazy The Rose That Grew From Sadness A Wounded Deer The World Turned Upside Down Let Go Being In The Now The Moon's Never Ending Journey Lucid Dreams I Want To Carry The Sun With Me Song Of A Wild Bird Skeleton Leaves In My Own Time New Colours

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