About Ciel

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Ciel is a 30+ year old girl from The Netherlands who sometimes likes to talk about herself in the third person.

A typical Sagittarius; independant but with a great imagination. She is a bit of a spiritual person and also a vegetarian.

She lives together with two bunnies Charlie and Lola. Yes she celebrates their birthdays, talks to them and calls them her bunny babies. Which is completely normal. Okay so she's a little crazy, but she actually enjoys that.

She loves movies and TV series. They are such a great escape. Yes she's also a true bookworm. You know you've read a good one when you turn to the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend. Music is the best! Experiencing live music is even better! Too bad she wasn't a sixties/seventies flower power girl.

As an old soul she always felt a little strange and different, but with a true inner passion for creativity! Whether it's writing, snailmail, painting, scrap booking, making jewellery or something else; she loves it! Photography has been her most serious creative outlet for a while now.

Her happy silly girly innocent life changed a lot after being diagnosed with breast cancer. But hey, she still dreams in colour! It also made her realise she is much stronger than she ever thought she was. This is the story of a girl kicking cancer in the ass and trying to pick up the pieces on the road of recovery.