March 22, 2014


I had a tough week. I realized I really am my own worst enemy. I am being so hard on myself. I need to let go of a lot of things. But I'm having a hard accepting my current life. Which is crazy. But let's talk about that another time.

Because I finished my chemo in April 2013 and started to document my hair growth on a monthly basis. So 12 months have passed... and I'm not really all that happy with the way my hair looks right now (it's the out of bed look, but worse... like an explosion). At the same time I treasure every hair on my head and I'm so happy to see that it looks like my natural curly/wavy is coming back. I just WISH it would grow faster. I think I'll be more happy with it in a few months.

I got rid of the hats somewhere between month 4 and 5. Picture 5 also shows the first time I dyed it again. Grey hairs gone. 

So here you have it 12 months of hair growth.