January 22, 2013

Fighting Fancy

Last year Heather Mason Owens was diagnosed with breast at age 28. She felt thrown into a world she had deemed only for old people. Something I can relate to very much.
Now on top of that cancer can strip women of what makes them feel beautiful. Hair loss and hot flashes are just a few side affects of having cancer. Heather decided to create a bag of products that made her feel beautiful and that gave her hope.

Fighting Fancy is now a non-profit organization providing chemo bags to young women 15-39 with breast cancer. Bags include the heart tank and necklace she wore each chemo and other beauty, dental and hair products she found helpful during treatment.

I feel so honoured that her first international bag was shipped to The Netherlands... and I received it today! I have to say I'm truly amazed by all the fantastic products in this bag. So beautiful, girly, feminine and helpful! Heather you definitely made my day! Big smile because this really means a lot to me. Thank you so much!

 If you'd like to help Heather by making a donation click here. Her blog can be found here.


  1. Heather is awesome!

    You are awesome!

    And all this stuff in the bg looks SOOO awesome :) I love the bag and tank. So cute.

  2. So sweet. What great products!