October 24, 2012

Level 3

Yesterday I officially finished radiation treatment. It still feels a little weird actually... You go there everyday for more than 4 weeks and then... it just stops.

Although I had mixed feelings about finishing, I did celebrate it with chocolate and rose wine. So hooray! Congratulations you made it! Go to level 3: chemo therapy.

Today I met with my oncologist who really likes surveys or so it seems. He always asks me what I remember about our last appointment and what I know about my treatment plan. He also mentioned the human body contains about 5 litres of blood and we are made of 60-70% water. How interesting.

After radiation treatment my breast looks really red right now. Especially my armpit is sensitive. Chemo could make it worse. So together (he says we decide everything together unless I come up with something really crazy) we decided to take a short break and that I will probably start within two weeks.

I already did the blood tests today. I'm meeting with the nurse this Friday. She will give me the chemo prepare package, which I'm sure will be lots of reading homework. By then I will probably also find out when my first chemo is scheduled. D-Day. Or more like C-Day.

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  1. Chemo sounds scary :( Hope you're going to take it well! Any yay for chocolate and wine :)