October 20, 2012

The art of healing

With very mixed feelings I can tell you I have only two rads left. Of course I'm happy and relieved it's almost over. But then again it's not. Because the worst is yet to come. I will meet my oncologist this week to discuss the chemo plan. It has to happen sooner or later. So rather sooner. I have been buying hats like crazy. So I think I overreacted a little. Maybe. Then again... I like to have options. So ehm, I'm expecting a package from Korea with 5 more hats. Don't tell anyone.

Something different, I really want to share this mosaic with you guys. Meet Kamina Kapow.

Ode To Kamina Kapow

In 2011 Kamina (at age 29) was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer. Just like me, she had to go through radiation and chemo treatment. When feeling sad or defeated, she found comfort in friends and family, writing, and in pushing herself to go for walks and enjoy nature. The greatest place she found personal strength was in art. With whatever tiny amount of energy she had, she created the most spectacular visual images that are truly amazing to me. There for her photos are very special and inspiring to me. Art is such a beautiful escape.

Look here and read here.

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  1. Kamina's work is beautiful and inspiring beyond words.

    Ciel, pretty soon your rads chapter will close... it IS scary. We only get a few weeks to recover and come to terms with things before we are thrown into the next phase of treatment. It is so difficult.

    I remember when I was waiting to start chemo... I was so very afraid. But it was not nearly as bad as I was imagining it. I am not saying it was easy by any means. But it really is not as awful as what we picture in our mind. I know my words may not make it any easier for you... but know that you can email me whenever you need if you have questions about side effects. I am well versed in the not-so-fun stuff that comes along with the drugs. So don't hesitate if you are having a rough go.

    And at least you have many hats to choose from!? ;)

    Thinking of you this week as you complete your final days of rads. xo