December 11, 2012

The power of art

There's a song by Newton Faulkner called Uncomfortably Slow and at some point he sings: So don't take my photograph because I don't wanna know how it looks to feel like this. 

Photography has been a big creative outlet for me over the last three years. I would always describe my style as conceptual and artistic with a sense of sweetness. Fine art by a dreamer.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer I knew my photography would change as well. That black chemo hole kept haunting me for a while but after turning it into something visual I feel much better now.

I don't know how I will look back on this series in a few years... but I believe in documenting life. I believe in displacing the pain and putting it in a story or a poem, on canvas... or in a camera. The human suffering is art in its purest form.

The Black Hole


  1. All I can say is pure pride we are friends! XO

  2. This is stunning, C. Made me cry. Truly wonderful and dark, but mostly wonderful.

  3. Beautiful Ciel. Absolutely beautiful.

  4. Ik ben gewoon sprakeloos, Ciel. Dit ene beeld zegt alles wat woorden niet kunnen omschrijven.

  5. This photo really shows your feelings. It's great, so powerful, so painful.

    1. Yes! Thanks Tracy, it felt really good putting this photo together, I guess sometimes words just aren't enough.