April 4, 2013

New colours

Oh these long haired hippie bunnies of mine are very high maintenance. But I love them. It's kind of sweet and funny taking care of their fur while I have no hair at all myself.

Now I'm exhausted. But I wanted to come here and write because after all, tomorrow is my last chemo. I still can't believe it actually. Number 8, finally.

November 9th 2012 I started with the AC treatment 4x every three weeks. February 1st 2013 I started my first Taxol/Herceptin, 4x every three weeks and I was suppose to finish on April 5th 2013.

As you could read in my previous posts, unfortunately after three treatments my ejection fraction dropped down to 53%. I did a MUGA scan last Tuesday and will have the results back next week.

New Colours

So I will be finishing chemo, Taxol... but no Herceptin for me until... well until I talk to my oncologist next week.

So this is not exactly the way I was expecting to finish chemo. April 5th is a date that has been in my head since November. It's hard when things don't go as planned. I'm having a hard time letting go. I don't know what I'll do if they tell me I can't do the Herceptin at all. I really hope we're going to give it a try and that they keep monitoring me closely.

But for now let's focus on finishing that chemo chapter. It's scary. I know the story will continue. But I also hope there will be some light at the end of this chemo drug hole tunnel. It's very emotional. Because I've been through so much. Now comes the time I'm probably going to realize it.

May number 8, the last one, be gentle with me.


  1. No. 8 the last one... It is scary...it is emotional... but, you can do it! Hope you MUGA scan give positive results! Big hug, think of you <3

  2. You must be receiving #8 today. Good luck, I hope it is gentle with you and you recover soon. Beautiful image by the way. Really beautiful - did you create it? It's just so lovely. ~Catherine

    1. Thank you Catherine, yes my photography has been my outlet next to this blog of course.

  3. CIEL - your last Chemo is over! I'm so happy for you, also if you have a long way infront of you - but at least chemo chapter is over?!! Hope your MUGA scan turns out good! I hope you can go on with Herceptin and if not, that there's a good alternative.

    I had a few bunnies when I was a teenager btw. Ginger (black and white with long floppy ears), Jane, Pearl... and they were all soooo nice soft! I loved their noses :)

    Much hugs, hope your last chemo will treat you well.