August 29, 2012

Stupid world of egg stacking

Starting this IVF thing was a hard and emotional decision. As I mentioned in my last post my gynaecologist told me there is a fair chance my fertility is likely to be affected by chemo. By measuring levels of AMH (a blood test that detects Anti Mullerian Hormone, secreted by early ovarian follicles) in my blood, they are able to predict your egg reserve. My predictions were lousy.

My suply of eggs really leaves something to wish for. So after starting the IVF treatment I now have four eggs. Can you believe it?! Four. They need about 15-20. Of course I can always try getting another batch of eggs by doing a next round. But I'm not sure yet if I'm up for that. I'm really hoping these four are going to make it though.

So I can't really say the hormones are torturing my body (or my family). The good thing is the egg retrieval part (which apparently is very painful) will be over quick with only four eggs. Hey you gotta think positive. Like they said in the hospital, 'Every little egg, is a little chance.'

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