August 5, 2013

Follow the peace

There's lots of pain and drama I write about. I don't focus enough on the good things (I seriously could be my own therapist).

I spontaneous went to the city by myself and bought a new record and then I decided to take my hair to the hair dresser. Yes for real. The weather has been so hot, way too hot to wear hats and I decided to dye it chestnut light brown. I already feel so much better when I look in the mirror. I'm starting to look more and more like a real person. And less like a patient. Of course I still want it to grow grow grow into a beautiful curly pixie cut. But at least this is a first step. So good stuff.

I mean after all you gotta give them something walking into a hair salon with that little hair. So I told part of my story but never crossed any borders I didn't want to. Again good stuff. Progress is progress no matter how small. 

Yesterday I went to this colleague with a big garden and she held an 'open garden'. She was so surprised to see me. Even though it was a short visit it was pretty good. These visits are hard for me and I should pat myself on the back because I did it.

I have Herceptin 9/17 coming up and well it's hard. I'm nervous. I hate it. But since this was suppose to be a positive post... I'm going to tell myself to be brave. Be brave. Be brave.

There are a billion things I'm worrying about... but right now there's not much I can do about it. So gotta let it go... Let it be. (Have you tried it? It really is a pain in the ass and oh so effing hard!)  



    Nice to read a positive post of yours. As you know I'm a worry-ward, so, letting it "be" is soooo hard for me. I hope your Herceptin will be ok. You'll be more than half done after the next one!

    I saw the garden photo - wow! I can't wait to get my own garden, I LOVE my balcony and "balconying" on it (if I can't garden ;) ) and I love the flowers and everything about it. So relaxing and pretty. And the photo of the garden was great - great garden!

    And you know how I feel about your hair but I still can imagine you can't wait for it to grow grow grow.

    It's quite hot down here too, 30+ degrees. Very nice.


    1. Thanks Tracy, yes it's hard... some days it goes better than others. Just have to accept that. Yes gardening seems very peaceful. XX

  2. Whow, love your new hair, you look beatiful! And I think you ARE brave.
    Hope you can keep some of your positive spirit next round of Herceptin.
    Think about you!

    1. Thank you Sanne! Hope you received my package ;)

    2. Love your pressies!! Thanks sweetie :-) how are you now? Hope the herceptin was not to bad this time...

  3. Quote:"and I decided to dye it chestnut light brown"

    Happy to hear you've got this 'addiction' again :)
    And even more happy to see you sound positive.

    Love & XX

    1. I am trying. But it's hard. Ups and downs.