September 10, 2012

I got a tattoo

Today was my first appointment at the radiation department of my hospital. I got to meet with my doctor for an intake appointment. At first she asked me questions about my medical history. She also checked my breasts and how the scars are recovering. Then she started to explain 'the plan' to me. I will get 21 treatment sessions. We will start within 1-2 weeks.

She made it very clear to me that there are so many different rumours and weird stories going on about what you can and can not do during radiation therapy. She said, "I'm telling you right now you can do anything you want and from now on I'm your doctor." She's a very upfront lady. She even told me she once read an article claiming wearing red clothes could cause breast cancer and that things like that really piss her off.   

I also found out I was scheduled for a CT scan later that afternoon. Lying there was just so weird. One of those moments where it just hits you again. One day you're taking the bus to your work and then a few weeks later somebody is putting wires with sticky tape around your boob. They started to draw on it as well. Oh yeah and I should probably mention I got six tattoos. Okay so they are just pinprick tattoos but still! The radiographers use these to line up the radiotherapy machine accurately every time you have treatment.

Surgery: done. IVF: done. Here comes the next chapter. 


  1. Wish I could have the tattoos instead of permanent marker markings. Good luck with your radiation!

    1. Yeah I was a bit freaked out first when they told me about it! But they're really small dots. Thank you!