September 26, 2012

The Care Bear Stare

I started my radiation therapy. I've had two so far. So only 19 more to go.

Radiation is a local, targeted therapy designed to kill cancer cells that may still exist after surgery. The actual delivery of radiation treatment is painless. But the radiation itself may cause some discomfort over time.

1) In the area where you are receiving radiation, your skin can turn red or tan, and may be sensitive and irritated.
2) During your treatment course, you may feel tired. This feeling can last for a few weeks, even after treatment ends.

It's a strange strange world. You try to make it a part of your daily routine. But let's face.. this is not really normal. This is not what my daily life should look like.

Waiting room. Dressing room. Small hallway. Radiation room. They're using the pinprick tattoos to line up the machine accurately. They move you around until everything is perfect. There you go. Care Bears Stare!!!!! After a few minutes you're done. Small hallway. Dressing room. See you tomorrow! 


  1. Oh man... I can't help but giggle a bit about the cartoon reference. whenever I hold my breath now during treatment I will think of the Care Bear Stare... I push my chest out just like those cuddly little bears whenever they ask me to breath in and hold! I will think of this tomorrow's treatment.

    On a more serious note... No. This is now normal. It's not what our daily life should look like. I walk across the street from where I am staying each day to the BC Cancer Agency...with my wig I look like just any other young 20-something girl...I can see some glances of surprise in the elevator as I pull out my pink radiation appointment card. I shouldn't be doing this! You shouldn't be doing this! None of us should have to be going through this.

    It's not easy. But we do it!

    xo Hugs

    1. Yes think of the sleepy-faced moon and a star-speckled, rainbow-trimmed, cotton candy world! XX

  2. Tomorrow I will be thinking of Care Bears during my daily zap session. Counting down to next Friday (my final radiation treatment). Not enjoying the redness from radiation. Apparently, I have sensitive skin. I agree with you that this just isn't normal. I am trying to find a 'new' normal.

    1. I have a sensitive skin as well, so I'm a bit worried about this! I hope your skin will heal quickly when it's over. Yay you're almost there! Care Bears STARE! I like what you said about finding a 'new normal'... I am going to try that!