September 19, 2012

Keep your head up (but also keep it warm)

I am a girl. I'm 30 years old but still a girly girl! Just because I have breast cancer doesn't mean I actually want to look sick. Tomorrow I have another appointment at the wig store. But of course there are other ways to cover up that bald head. 

Yesterday I ordered a bunch of stuff at several web stores. I know I won't start chemo for another 7 or 8 weeks. But I want to be prepared and get used to this whole new look. I am curious to find out what style/fabric/colour I like best. I love that bohemian, gypsy, hippie look! That's me. I made this mosaic to show you guys a couple of my favourites and also the diversity that is available. Some of these were even designed by people going through chemo themselves! But don't forget to use your own imagination as well. Spice it up a little with other hair accessories such as flowers or a vintage brooch.

Photos are from several web shops that really deserve to be checked out.
Dutch: Mooi Hoofd, Rosette la Vedette, Mutssja 
American: Topsy Turban, Turban Diva


  1. You will really like wearing the scarfs during chemo. I wore those during chemo (and went bald) mostly cause of all of the hot flashes.

    When do you get your hair cut? It will look great! You're so beautiful you will be able to pull off bald and short hair.


    1. I already got my hair cut! I will post a picture soon! Thanks Ashley!

  2. Is it time for me to order yet??
    Please let me know!

  3. Those are all're gorgeous. I love how you are embracing your chemo style. Get some big awesome earrings to go with them. :-) It's only for a season but it seems like you're doing a great job of finding yourself in the process. xx L