September 17, 2012

Meeting the oncologist

Today I had my first appointment with my oncologist. Appointments that are never easy. These are the moments where you have to face the facts over and over again.

The facts: the tumor is gone. When I do absolutely nothing I have a 80% chance of living my life like a normal person. When I go through all the treatment (the full package) the survival rate goes up to more than 90%. So a girl does what a girl gotta do. Two weeks after finishing radiation I will start my first chemo. I will get 8 rounds of chemo and 13 rounds of Herceptin (in cancer land we call this: 4x AC, 4x TH and 13x H). So you do the math... this means this whole thing is going to keep me busy for more than a year.

I sort of knew. But when you're being told like that.. well it's not easy. "It's not going to be easy", my oncologist said. He was convinced my body was able to handle it all, but being fit mentally is just as important. If I need help, all I have to do is ask. He seemed like a very nice and calm guy who makes time for you. Absolutely willing to answer all of my questions. He also knew exactly when to make a joke. After I told him I google a lot for information about breast cancer he asked me whether or not I googled him as well (haha I am so going to now).

I seriously want to focus on my radiation. But it's so hard because there is so much other information and preparations you have to deal with (dentist, ENT specialist, the wig and so on and on). It just never stops.


  1. You can do this, dear. We're all thinking about you!

  2. 80% - >90% sounds good. Over a year. Wow. We'll be here for you!

  3. Has anyone talked to you about an exercise program specifically designed for chemo patients? I participated in a "Fit op weg" group at my physio therapist in Groningen and it was a LIFE SAVER. I'm not exaggerating. Keeping your body strong and giving yourself something to clear your mind makes a big difference. I highly recommend it. xx L