March 7, 2013

Another ER visit

My last post was published at 7:28 p.m. (Central European Time) and one hour later I found myself once again in the ER.

Seriously. After my appointment with my oncologist I had enough excitement for a day... but no I spent 4 entire hours at the ER before being dismissed.

I had noticed this burning feeling while peeing the last couple of days but didn't give it much thought. Even my oncologist mentioned it that morning, it's just one of the many side effects of chemo. Completely normal!

Then when I took a shower early in the evening I all of a sudden felt the need to urinate even right after I emptied my bladder (no not in the shower). The pressure and cramping became worse and worse so I called the Oncology department and they told me to come right away and bring a pyjama just in case I had to stay.

Then the torture started. I am absolutely not afraid of needles but I really felt like a pin cushion this time. The first blood tests were incorrect so they needed more blood. My veins didn't agree and well I'm poked all over. They even tried my finger and it took forever to fill a tube.

Then I had to pee in a pot. Three times! Three freakin' times! But I delivered!

Finally after all the test results came back and it was determined I had a bladder infection I got antibiotics in my IV. When the doctor told me I could go home I did a little happy dance and a big cheer. Still have to take crap tasting antibiotics for 7 days though. Ugh.

Still A Little Hazy


  1. When I read the title my tummy felt all weird - another visit?!
    Then I read about your burning sensation while peeing and thought - bladder infection?!
    Then I read that you indeed have a bladder infection and was like - phew, it's "just" a bladder infection.
    Is this your first one? Then, in that case you're lucky!
    I think it's a terrible infection :( I've had it a couple of times with blood in my urine and ugh, it's a terrible feeling to think you need to pee but you don't. Drinking tons of fluids doesn't help by me - I also always have to take antibiotics to get rid of it.
    It's amazing you held out a couple of days!
    Oh boo - bladder infections suck! Hope the antibiotics helped already.

    1. Yes my first bladder infection ever. Stupid chemo. I really thought I had made it trough this one without antibiotics. Guess not. But I already feel better. Just worried about the next two chemo's and what they still have in store for me.